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Freewriting, Carel Kolchinski
Freewriting, Carel Kolchinski
Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

If you’re a writer, then you may recognise the ‘mind block syndrome’ or MBS, commonly referred to as writer’s block. However hard you try, you just can’t get anything down on paper, it’s as if your mind has switched off from being creative or imaginative.

Personally, when I’m suffering from this mental complaint, I experience a definite physical sensation within my brain; a kind of pressurised, cramped, deadness, a total lack of interest in everything that I attempt to do, and general dissatisfaction with life. I hit that psychological brick wall. It’s an unpleasant, dead-end kind of place to be.

To stop you losing control

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

When I was a young man, carefree and interested in living to the full, my girlfriend threw her dinner at me; if I remember correctly, it was a plateful of spaghetti with a generous topping of tomato source.

We had gone out for a meal at our favourite Italian restaurant, but our conversation had taken a wrong turn. An argument erupted like a lanced boil on the face of a celebrity.

I ducked as the plate headed my way, and it landed between tables. There was a deathly hush from the other diners. My partner walked out, embarrassed and mad.

You Can Use Now For A Healthy Diet

Image by Muhammad Sadeeq from Pixabay

If you’re the type of person who only has to look at a chocolate cake to put on an extra five pounds, then I sincerely hope that the following will help you win your battle with the weight loss demon.

I don’t have a problem with my weight (at the moment) but some of my family and friends seem to be permanently on a diet. They long to be thinner and enjoy the health benefits that losing excess pounds — from the right places — will bring.

“Your weight is a kind of balancing act. And the logic is simple…

Fact or Fiction?

Image Credit: Pinterest

I can remember as a boy looking at the advertisements at the back of those glossy American magazines that circulated in the UK. Not the girly magazines I hasten to add.

Alongside the offers for exploding joke cigarettes and the Charles Atlas, body building course, you could order a shrunken head. To grab your attention there was usually a small, black-and-white image of a wizened, crumpled face with a topknot of hair. Send off your $10 and he or she could be yours.

Gruesome, but true.

Whether these heads were real, perhaps from the warring tribes of South America or…

The Alien Announcement Will Be Coming Soon

Image by <a href=”https://pixabay.com/users/comfreak-51581/?utm_source=link-attribution&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campa
Image by <a href=”https://pixabay.com/users/comfreak-51581/?utm_source=link-attribution&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campa

Will you be ready?

Imagine. Your favourite TV program is suddenly interrupted by your president or prime minister who informs the nation that the alien presence is real.

You are told that they have been on the Earth for some time. But now they want to take charge of our lives and there is nothing we can do about it. They are too advanced, too technologically superior. We are helpless.

An intriguing scenario from a science fiction novel you might argue. But is it really pure fantasy?

Some months ago, in the middle…

My Favourite

Inspiring, thought provoking, and funny

Quotes about writing, Carel Kolchinski
Quotes about writing, Carel Kolchinski
Image by Jessica Wood from Pixabay

Most rock journalism is by people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read.

… Frank Zappa.

Let’s face it, writing is hell.

…. William Styron.

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.

…. E.L. Doctorow.

Doctors bury their mistakes. Lawyers hang them. But journalists put theirs on the front page.

……. Anonymous.

Trim sentences, like trim bodies, usually require far more effort than flabby ones.

…. Clair Kehrwald Cook.

The wastepaper basket is the writer’s best friend.

…. Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Words fascinate me. They always have. For me, browsing in a dictionary is like being turned loose in a bank.

…. Eddie Cantor.

The difference between “isn’t” and “ain’t” is that the people who say “isn’t” are in charge.

…. Virginia Clark.

The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon.

…. Robert Cormier.

You should always believe all you read in the newspapers, as this makes them more interesting.

. ……. Rose Macauley.

If you don’t want to read it, nobody else is going to read it.

…. S. E. Linton.

Good writing is essentially rewriting.

…. Roald Dahl.

I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.

…. Peter de Vries.

Writing isn’t hard; no harder than ditch-digging.

…. Patrick Dennis.

Writers have two main problems: One is writer’s block, when words won’t come at all, and the other’s logorrhea, when the words come so fast that they hardly get to the wastebasket in time.

……. Cecilia Bartholomew

Not all writing must be concise. There is room for the grace note, the courteous phrase, the touch of oil that lets the gates of a sentence swing without squeaking.

…. James Kilpatrick.

I can’t write five words but that I change seven.

…. Dorothy Parker.

Letters from graduate students, businessmen, some university presidents, and most of all from politicians are so barnacled with jargon that they bruise the wastebasket as they fall into it.

…. Alastair Cooke.

Too many people think they are being creative when they are just being different.

…. Noel Coward.

In composing, as a general rule, run your pen through every other word you have written; you have no idea what vigor it will give to your style.

…. Sydney Smith.

Ninety-nine percent of pieces of writing fail in the first three sentences.

…. Stephen K. Tollefson.

Only amateurs say that they write for their own amusement. Writing is not amusing. It is a combination of ditch-digging, mountain-climbing, treadmill and childbirth. Writing may be interesting, absorbing, exhilarating, racking, relieving. But amusing? Never!

…. Edna Ferber.

What you’re trying to do when you write is to crowd the reader out of his own space and occupy it with yours, in a good cause. You’re trying to take over his sensibility and deliver an experience that moves from mere information.

…. Robert Stone.

Writing saved me from the sin and inconvenience of violence.

…. Alice Walker.

Rage is the only quality which kept me, or anybody, I have ever studied, writing columns for newspapers.

…. Jimmy Breslin.

Writing is fine therapy for people who are perpetually scared of nameless threats.

…. William Styron.

No iron can pierce the heart with such force as a period put at just the right place.

…. Isaac Babel.

Punctuation marks are the road signs placed along the highway of our communication — to control speeds, provide directions, and prevent head-on collisions.

…. Pico Iyer.

It is almost always a greater pleasure to come across a semicolon than a period. The period tells you that that is that; if you didn’t get all the meaning you wanted or expected, anyway you got all the writer intended to parcel out and now you have to move along. But with a semicolon there you get a pleasant little feeling of expectancy; there is more to come; read on, it will get clearer.

…. Lewis Thomas.

The relative pronoun “which” can cause more trouble than any other word, if recklessly used. Foolhardy persons sometimes get lost in which-clauses and are never heard of again.

…. James Thurber.

The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as that between lightning and the lightning bug.

…. Mark Twain.

A great many people think that polysyllables are a sign of intelligence.

…. Barbara…

Writing Reminders

Improving Your Writing

Sometimes, it is useful to remind oneself of some of the simple steps needed to improve our writing.

I’ve always believed that central to becoming an excellent writer is the awareness that all writing is done for someone to read. All writing is created for human beings by human beings.

Yet writers so often seem to forget that an actual person is out there who can be easily distracted or may not care about the subject enough to wade through jargon or fuzzy sentences.

Skilled writers know the secret to good writing is this: Don’t make the reader work.


Warning: Filthy Tactics Involved

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

“I’d rather casserole my arm before I help that lazy f — — r.”

Leslie slammed the files down on her desk and I could see that she was very upset — again. Bullying bosses can make life a living hell for some employees.

What follows is an account based on fact, in my experience, and I hope it will be a warning to any workplace bullies and offer a few tips for those who want to be proactive.

I worked for a manufacturing company, a medium-sized affair, and the factory manager — we’ll call him Mark — was arrogant…

Whatever Happened to ….

Put them on and play like a concert pianist

Image by Tomislav Jakupe from Pixabay

Just imagine.

There you are in the crowded auditorium. A rumour spreads that the world-famous pianist has suddenly tripped over the conductor’s baton and sprained his wrist in the fall.

An elderly gentleman dressed in a tuxedo, with long flowing grey locks, appears on the stage and shouts.

“Is there a talented pianist in the house?”

Now it’s that moment you have been waiting for all your life.

Even though you’re totally musically ignorant and haven’t got a clue how to play the piano, or any other musical instrument, you stand up and raise your hand.

You’re called forward, all…

Carel Kolchinski

Past lives as a journalist, P.R. poseur and commercial slave. Currently an aged teetotaller, cyclist, enthusiastic musician and painter. Born again writer.

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