Don’t — It Could Send Your Readers To Sleep

Writing in the passive voice.

I hold my hands up and freely admit to writing in the passive voice. I often do it without noticing and it’s only when I’ve finished an article and polish it into a final draft that I realise my error.

But, in fact, writing in a passive voice is strictly not an error or a mistake. It just stops your writing from being that much more dynamic and immediate. It slows things down and makes your writing seem detached and disjointed.

What Is the Passive Voice?

If you construct a sentence…

Use the positive self-talk trick to find out

I was introduced to the ‘Positive Attitude’ mantra when I was in my first direct sales job in the 1970s. I must admit that it seemed like a lot of Americanised psycho-hype created by those smooth talking salespeople on the other side of the pond.

Surely, I thought, in the United Kingdom we did not need such nonsense?

Some of you may know that sales can be a hard job. There can be a constant stream of rejection or negative feedback from your prospective customers, no matter how good your company, product, and your persuasive sales pitch.

And life itself…

That’s how you will survive.

Writer at work typing.

Many writers have a poor opinion of their abilities. Even though they might write some excellent prose, they don’t see its value. I have torn up many of my past attempts at writing because I thought they were below standard.

That, I now realise, was a big error on my part. Not because I am an exceptional writer but because I failed to appreciate that those early pieces were a necessary part of my creative development.

Unfortunately, we are our own worse critics. We beat ourselves up when ideas don’t work out or when we cannot reach our self-imposed goals…

Crafting a Quality Article

5 steps after 5 pints of beer

Crafting a quality article, Carel Kolchinski

I was fortunate to have worked with a talented sub-editor who took the time to teach me how to craft an article. An article that was interesting and that would attract readers. His emphasis was always on quality.

“Don’t just write crap,” he used to say, with a smouldering cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. “Always aim high. Be the best you can and f — -ck everyone else.”

The daily five pints of beer he consumed in the local pub at lunchtime usually ignited his bouts of swearing. I think…

But it doesn’t have to be your next marketing ploy.

There are some excellent writers on Medium, and then there are the others. But we all have to start somewhere. And the one common desire for all writers is that they want to be heard, they want to be read and hopefully appreciated.

But many, I fear, are becoming dispirited, disillusioned by the lack of interest in their efforts. So, what can a content-creative, like yourself, do to get noticed on Medium and make it all worthwhile?

These tips might help.

Tap into your passion.

Most of us are interested in something that might also spark a positive reaction from…

Human kindness to the rescue

When I hit the van, a dirty white object that flashed before me, I let out a cry of utter surprise. I knew I was going to hit it. I didn’t have time to touch my brakes.

Bang — and then I hit the road, my left hip taking the full impact.

I’d been on a long ride on my bicycle — 40 miles. It was a bright, warm day. I love cycling in the heat. I was travelling home, with about five miles to go, riding through a picturesque country village.

I had noticed the van on the right…

Death of the innocents in Israel

Cries at man’s stupidity

When I arrived home from a boring, pointless day at the office, the sound of the television hit me with a resounding smack on both ears.

“You need to turn it down,” I shouted. “The neighbours will complain again.”

The sound diminished gradually, and then there was complete silence.

I walked into the lounge and saw my alien friend spread out on the floor, his large head resting on a cushion. He looked very sad and I could see that he had probably been crying, judging by the moist rivulets that streaked his face.

“Why do your peoples do that?”

And the first black officer to die in WW1.

All reasonable and intelligent people realise that the black man, and woman, has made a vital contribution to the creation and development of human society. And many have given their lives in the defence of civilisation and human rights.

We must all remember and commend their sacrifice, particularly at this time of continuing racial inequality.

And unless you have been involved in a military operation, fighting on the front line, I don’t believe that any of us can truly imagine the horrors of war. …

A Simple Guide On

To Increase Your Earnings

As a writer, you must enjoy the writing process — at least most of the time. If you don’t, then perhaps you have another destiny.

But all writers want to be read, and this article is about some ways you can attract readers and keep them interested in your writing until the very last word has been eyeballed.

Your first paragraph is the most important. You must get the key aspects of your message into this first paragraph. …

Your Audience Of One.

For Easy Reading.

Many writers find it difficult to write fluently. Especially those just starting their writing career.

So, what is the secret to writing fluently?

Any type of writing that you do should be easy to read and the content needs to flow effortlessly. This ease of style can be especially important if you are writing for the online reader. Of course, constant practice will help and writing daily, like any activity, will improve your skill and efficiency.

Interestingly, most people can speak fairly clearly and fluently. But when writing, they become hesitant, turgid and a little pompous. …

Carel Kolchinski

Past lives as a journalist, P.R. poseur and commercial slave. Currently an aged teetotaller, cyclist, enthusiastic musician and painter. Born again writer.

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