The Alien Announcement Will Be Coming Soon

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Will you be ready?

Imagine. Your favourite TV program is suddenly interrupted by your president or prime minister who informs the nation that the alien presence is real.

You are told that they have been on the Earth for some time. But now they want to take charge of our lives and there is nothing we can do about it. They are too advanced, too technologically superior. We are helpless.

An intriguing scenario from a science fiction novel you might argue. But is it really pure fantasy?

Some months ago, in the middle of the first Covid lockdown, I became vaguely interested in the whole business of U.F.O.’s It seemed to me — generally a sceptic when it comes to extraterrestrial and paranormal matters — that the subject was receiving more and more coverage on television. There were an increasing number of programs devoted to the question of whether aliens were visiting our planet.

It seems that UFO research groups and societies, some led by respectable scientists or retired military men, now report regularly on unusual, unexplained sightings that beggar belief. Apparent evidence is constantly being uncovered regarding the alien influence and their intervention in the affairs of mankind. Some experts even believe that this has been happening for thousands of years.

I had been aware of the many stories of the first flying saucers that had made their appearance in the skies of the United States during the 1950’s. But, in truth, I thought that such sightings were either the work of some clever hoaxers or the exuberant fabrications of the mentally unbalanced. The cranks seemed to be having a fine time creating weird stories of little green — or should that be grey — men visiting us from some distant galaxy, travelling at thousands miles an hour in their strange craft that defied all the known laws of science.

My interest was aroused so I decided to do some reading on the topic. I was convinced that I would soon leave this subject behind having discovered that it was a lot of nonsense: just fake stories from attention seekers.

A word of warning. If you start to delve into the subject of aliens, alien visitations and encounters, you will find a mass of book titles, on a galactic scale, to satisfy your curiosity.

By chance, I came across a book that I thought would give me an overall view of just what the alien thing was all about. It was a 576 page tome entitled “The World’s Greatest UFO and Alien Encounters.” It seemed like a good place to begin my journey.

Strangely, it wasn’t long after I started reading this book that I overheard a conversation whilst visiting a second hand store run by a local charity. The one doing all the talking was a shabbily dressed male in his early thirties who, as I passed him, smelt a little unwholesome: daily bathing was obviously not on his list of priorities.

However, he was talking to the young female, counter assistant about how the various governments of this world were covering up the whole alien phenomena. In his view, this was happening now and the general public — you and me — were being lied to because the aliens had a definite agenda that, if revealed, would cause a worldwide panic. As an afterthought, he then went on to inform the now disinterested, sales girl that the USA, Russia and China had already built a network of underground cities that could be occupied by their favoured citizens if the aliens decided to turn nasty.

I left the shop thinking, wondering about the power of conspiracy theories. But I also, dispassionately, asked myself the question; Are alien spaceships a reality? And if so, why are they visiting our planet? Are the people of the world intentionally being misinformed about the possibility of an alien occupation?

You might snigger, smile and even laugh at this point. I don’t blame you. But, as I was reading my alien primer, I was intrigued by one story which is hard to rationalise away as a tall tale. And you will discover many other such cases which seem to indicate that we are not the only intelligent species in the cosmos.

On the afternoon of 11th July 1991, a UFO appeared over Mexico City, one of the world’s most populous areas. The object was seen by thousands of people who had, coincidently, turned out to witness a major cosmic event — the eclipse of the sun.

At 1.22pm, just as the eclipse was beginning to manifest, a shiny, metallic object appeared high in the darkening sky. It hovered silently near the eclipsing sun, remaining in that position for over half an hour. Thousands of people were able to watch this strange object and, from various parts of the city, many others filmed the event on video. A local journalist later made a TV appeal, asking for any video footage to be submitted as additional, definite evidence. He was inundated with some spectacular video footage that showed the strange craft spinning on its axis.

It is difficult, perhaps impossible, to disregard this kind of evidence. Many other cases on record, those with multiple witnesses, surely indicates that something is happening. But what exactly? As you study more and more cases of UFO’s and alien encounters, you are unable to discount them all as nonsense. Such events are witnessed by normal individuals and often those in positions of authority.

I was enjoying my reading of UFO sightings, all very interesting and colourful, when suddenly I came across the subject of ‘alien abduction.’ Now, I thought, this is perturbing and sinister. If it is true.

But why should an abductee who was a local politician, or a senior policeman, a doctor, a local politician, concoct such stories? Thousands of people claim to have been abducted. But by admitting such an experience, many have been ridiculed and sometimes isolated by family and friends. And because of this attitude, they often remain silent for many years until they can find that sympathetic listener who has evidence of similar cases and who knows they are speaking the truth.

According to those who have studied this subject for many years, thousands of men, women and children have been abducted by extraterrestrials. The abductions seems to follow a set pattern. The targeted individuals are temporarily paralysed, taken on board the alien craft and there they experience some form of medical examination. The females are often the subject of some gynaecological investigation. The males often have sperm removed.

When the subjects are ready to be returned, any memory of the event is apparently wiped from the conscious mind — the aliens can do this somehow — and then the abduction memory is buried deep within the subconscious. Only by the process of retrogressive hypnosis can the memory be recalled; though a prime indication of having been abducted is the experience of ‘lost time.’

In many instances, the abductions are repeated over many years, sometimes beginning in childhood and continuing throughout the life of the victim. And I use that last word advisedly for almost all abductions happen against the will of the individual.

Does all this sound crazy? Surely, this cannot be happening.

Feeling uneasy about this activity, I began to do some further research on this subject. I read a few more books specifically on alien abductions. Eventually, I came across a very intriguing account. This case was unusual because there were actual witnesses to the abduction event. Also, the story has some unexpected and unusual developments that highlight the nature of the abduction phenomena.

It is November 30th, 1989, about 3.00 am.

In New York, a young woman, in her nightgown, is seen emerging from an apartment building window twelve storeys above the ground. She is not alone. With her are three, small alien figures. Suspended within a blue beam of light, the group is slowly lifted into a large, orange glowing craft which then shoots off at speed. The craft then passes over the Brooklyn Bridge and disappears into the Hudson River.

This incident was witnessed by two, U.S. secret servicemen and a senior U.N. official as they sat in their car. There were also other individuals driving across the bridge at the time who also saw the abduction take place. I won’t go into too much detail about this case here. You can read a full account of this disturbing event in the book “Witnessed” written by Budd Hopkins.

Many of us will refuse to believe that this story is genuine. It’s a subject that we would rather ignore. But if alien abduction is a fact, and the evidence suggests that it is, then the human race is faced with a threatening dilemma. And the question must be asked if our governments, those responsible for our security, already know about this kind of alien activity. The belief is that many governments have been covering up the alien presence on our planet for decades.

Having read through the fascinating accounts detailed in“The World’s Greatest UFO and Alien Encounters,” I am convinced that this subject needs to be taken seriously. If alien life is known to exist and such creatures are visiting this planet then that fact strikes at the foundation of all our religious, social and scientific beliefs. If our governments are knowingly leading us astray, then mankind has lost control of its destiny. We are already at the mercy of some greater power.

So are we burying our heads in the terrestrial sand and then hoping that all this alien business will just be ignored or written off as the ravings of the mildly insane? Should our governments now admit that the alien threat is genuine. The evidence seems overwhelming.

But is our world ready for such an admission and what would be the consequences?

Past lives as a journalist, P.R. poseur and commercial slave. Currently an aged teetotaller, cyclist, enthusiastic musician and painter. Born again writer.

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