Carel Kolchinski
7 min readNov 30, 2020


The Alien Announcement Will Be Coming Soon

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Will you be ready?

Imagine. Your favourite TV program is suddenly interrupted by your president or prime minister who informs the nation that the alien presence is real.

You are told that they have been on the Earth for some time. But now they want to take charge of our lives and there is nothing we can do about it. They are too advanced, too technologically superior. We are helpless.

An intriguing scenario from a science fiction novel you might argue. But is it really pure fantasy?

Some months ago, in the middle of the first Covid lockdown, I became vaguely interested in the whole business of U.F.O.’s It seemed to me — generally a sceptic when it comes to extraterrestrial and paranormal matters — that the subject was receiving more and more coverage on television. There were an increasing number of programs devoted to the question of whether aliens were visiting our planet.

It seems that UFO research groups and societies, some led by respectable scientists or retired military men, now report regularly on unusual, unexplained sightings that beggar belief. Apparent evidence is constantly being uncovered regarding the alien influence and their intervention in the affairs of mankind. Some experts even believe that this has been happening for thousands of years.

I had been aware of the many stories of the first flying saucers that had made their appearance in the skies of the United States during the 1950’s. But, in truth, I thought that such sightings were either the work of some clever hoaxers or the exuberant fabrications of the mentally unbalanced. The cranks seemed to be having a fine time creating weird stories of little green — or should that be grey — men visiting us from some distant galaxy, travelling at thousands miles an hour in their strange craft that defied all the known laws of science.

My interest was aroused so I decided to do some reading on the topic. I was convinced that I would soon leave this subject behind having discovered that it was a lot of nonsense: just fake stories from attention seekers.

A word of warning. If you start to delve into the subject of aliens, alien visitations and encounters, you will find a mass of book titles, on a galactic scale, to satisfy your curiosity.



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